Jens Christian Claussen

Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. habil.

Computational Systems Biology Lab, Research II
Jacobs University Bremen, Campus Ring 1, D-28759 Bremen, Germany

Welcome to my homepage! In September 2013, I joined the Computational Systems Biology Lab at Jacobs University Bremen. This webpage is still preliminary, so much additional information can be found here or here.
... and a local copy t Jacobs (experimental!) is here:

Obs! My Luebeck website seems down to a server breakdown, so here is a (partial) publication list
NEW: Computational Life Science (starting Fall 2014) - new MSc and iPhD program at Jacobs
Study at Jacobs! If you have a BSc in a relevant discipline (physics, applied mathematics, informatics, biology) and a solid background in basic mathematics and in natural sciences, you should consider our new master program. It equips you with the methodical background for all models of life, places you face to face with medical and industiral application questions, and overall offers a broad theoretical, mathematical and computational overview of systems biology in general.
Stay tuned - for handbook, enrolment and further details see the Computational Life Science webpage.

Upcoming:DPG Spring Meeting, Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division of the German Physical Society.
See the Call for contributions (talks, posters) on the DPG-SOE page!


My reserch theme is understanding biological (eventually, including social) systems and phenomena by methods from nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics.

  • Currently I am involved in a (just launched) large project in medical systems biology. Besides that, several other projects continue:
  • Neurodynamics of Sleep. Why do we sleep? How do oscillations on several scales change and how do they interact with sleep regulation? Why does sleep contribute to the consolidation of memory? How can the sleep state, or more general the state of consciousness, assessed from EEG?
  • Systems biology modeling of RNA interference (RNAi).
    This is a joint project with the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) in Lübeck with 3 PhD students involved.
  • Stochastic evolutionary dynamics. This has been my major fruitful working field for some years, many open questions remain and still emerge. Please contact me if you are interested in a MSc or PhD thesis topic in this direction.
  • How does science emerge? Together with Moritz Joseph (MSc student in Lübeck) I am working on models of the process of science itself. More details to come around March...

Group members

Dipl.-Ing. Arne Weigenand (PhD
student) (in Lübeck)
Dipl.-Phys. Michael Schellenberger Costa(PhD student) (in Lübeck)
M.Sc. Munishikha Kalia (PhD student) (in Lübeck / Harvard)
Moritz Joseph (MA Informatik / BA MIW in Lübeck)
Anne-Wiebke Harder (cand. MML)

Group affiliates (external, co-supervision, mentorship etc.)

Sarah Willkomm, M.Sc. (PhD student at IMM)
Simon Dornseifer (PhD student at IMM)
Munishika Kalia (PhD student at IMM)
Tina Anne Schütz (PhD student at IMT)
Claudine Leonhardt (PhD stident at Math)

Alumni / Finished theses (first PI, Erstgutachter or Erstberichterstatter
Fabien Molle (Master thesis Chalmers TH Göteborg / Alcatel France
Philipp Stern (Master thesis Kiel 2009), now Stern & Schatz GbR

Markus Schütt (Master thesis Kiel 2009), RA 9-12/2009, now Real Ecosystems

Anna Barkentien (Master thesis Lübeck 7/2012)

Stephan Volkland (Bachelor thesis Lübeck 11/2012)

Felix Njap (PhD thesis 1/2013, supervised by UG Hofmann, A Moser, JC

Prof. Xinsheng Liu (Guest Scientist) (Chinese Research Council)

Goran Latif (BA / MIW - supervision: Arne Weigenand) (7/2013)

Gerrit Rätzmann (BA / MML) (10/2013)

Christian Jäger (BA / INF) (10/2013)

Julia Weinert (MA / MIW - supervision: Maria
Sanchez-Vives, Barcelona)

Moritz Joseph (MA / INF) (2/2014)

Stephan Volkland (MA / MML) (2/2014)

Max Fischer (BA / MIW) (supervised by Arne Weigenand) (2/2014)