Determining the Properties of Gene Regulatory Networks from Expression Data

Title{Determining the Properties of Gene Regulatory Networks from Expression Data}
Publication TypeEdited Volumes
AuthorsLiebovitch, Larry, Shehadeh Lina A., Jirsa Viktor, Hütt Marc-Thorsten, and Marr Carsten

The expression of genes depends on the physical structure of DNA, how the function of DNA is regulated by the transcription factors expressed by other genes, RNA regulation, such as that through RNA interference, and protein signals mediated by protein-protein interaction networks. We illustrate different approaches to determining information about the network of gene regulation from experimental data. First, we show that we can use statistical information of the mRNA expression values to determine the global topological properties of the gene regulatory network. Second, we show that analyzing the changes in expression due to mutations or different environmental conditions can give us information on the relative importance of the different mechanisms involved in gene regulation.

Year of Publication2010
PublisherIGI Global
ISBN Number1605666866
editorDas, Sanjoy, Caragea Doina, Welch Stephen, and Hsu William H.
Refereed DesignationUnknown


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