Systematics of Short-range Correlations in Eukaryotic Genomes

TitleSystematics of Short-range Correlations in Eukaryotic Genomes
Publication TypeEdited Volumes
AuthorsHameister, Jörn, Helm Werner E., Hütt Marc-Thorsten, and Dehnert Manuel

Attempts to identify a species on the basis of its DNA sequence on purely statistical grounds have been formulated for more than a decade. Solving this problem could have a huge impact on understanding processes of genome evolution and on the design of classification schemes for DNA sequences. We have shown previously that patterns in the short-range statistical correlations in DNA sequences serve as evolutionary fingerprints of Eukaryotic genomes. All chromosomes of a species display the same characteristic pattern, markedly different from those of other species. The chromosomes of a species are sorted onto the same branch of a phylogenetic tree due to this correlation pattern. Here we summarize these results from our group, highlight some of the algorithmic challenges involved and discuss the overall picture on the relation between statistical sequence properties and biological processes of genome evolution emerging from these and other findings.

Year of Publication2010
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-642-01044-6
editorFink, Andreas, Lausen Berthold, Seidel Wilfried, and Ultsch Alfred


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